The patients’ aesthetic demands grow all the time. With the advancement of new, modern materials, the number of solutions dentistry offers today rises. In modern dentistry absolutely every problem has become solvable.

There are hundreds of languages in the world, but the smile speaks them all.
Make your smile your trademark and symbol of recognition.

If you belong to a group of patients who want to beautify their smile and maximize the aesthetics of their teeth, we have several suggestions for you:

  •  Teeth whitening
  •  Composite veneers
  •  Tooth jewellery and decorations


Teeth whitening is a method by which the color of your teeth can be made several shades lighter in just one visit. Over time, teeth suffer abrasion and get a yellowish shade because their colour is primarily determined by the dentine below the tooth enamel. In our dental office, we use two methods:

  •  Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide based preparations (in-office teeth whitening)
  •  Special Zoom lamp and carbamide peroxide-based gel (in-office teeth whitening)
  •  At-home teeth whitening

If you opt for professional tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide, the protective layer – opaldam – is applied onto gingiva, to shield the gums from possible penetration of bleaching preparations and then the gel is applied three times for 20 minutes. If you want an even greater whitening effect, the session can be repeated after 2-3 days.

beljenje zuba

When bleaching with the ZOOM lamp, it is not necessary to protect gums because the carbamide peroxide we use does not damage the soft tissue of the oral cavity. The gel is applied three times for 15 minutes and illuminated with ZOOM lamp. We get perfect results.

At-home teeth bleaching is done with American Opalescence preparations, with lower concentrations compared to those used for in-office teeth whitening. First, we take impressions of both jaws and use them as models for making silicone splints (trays). For the next 7-15 days, the bleaching gel is applied in splints and worn all night.

At-home teeth whitening

Avital (dead) teeth, or teeth with previously removed nerves, cannot be bleached this way. When the nerve is eliminated, tooth no longer has a blood supply and over time turns darker, takes on a grayish tone and becomes an aesthetic problem, especially if it is in the smile line. Bleaching avital teeth requires filling removal from the inside of the tooth and making the cavity in which the bleach is applied and closed with temporary cement. It is necessary for the bleach to stay inside the tooth for a few days. The procedure is repeated until the desired results are achieved.


Composite veneers are aesthetic restorations mostly done on the front teeth of the upper jaw.

Composite veneers can get you the perfect smile because they can correct the anomalies of shape, colour or position of the teeth, close the diastema (spacing between the two upper incisors), and they are also an ideal solution for patients who have large fillings on their front teeth.

The greatest advantage of composite veneers is their fast making, i.e. they are made in one visit and the patient leaves the office with a perfect smile. Their lifespan is several years, depending on the level of the oral hygiene. Frequent dental checkups are recommended (once every 6 months) during which the teeth are polished.

Depending on the indication, composite facets sometimes do not require any preparation of the teeth, while in some cases the preparation is minimal.

Composite veneers are made of non-abrasion-resistant material and they wear off as time passes. The corrections of veneers when they are chipped or have a defect are very simple and are also finished in one visit.


The aesthetic method of smile embellishment, most commonly applied on the front teeth of the upper jaw. The most suitable for jewellery placement is the upper lateral incisor, and most commonly used jewellery is zircon. You can choose the size and colour of the decoration yourself and the zircon can last for several years.