Over the past years, the Kurdistan Region has embraced community development the cornerstone of its political vision; the objective being an improved quality of life forth The Cent Designed by the functionally integ whole population and at all levels.

Within the Healthcare Sector, the government implemented multiple elaborate program covering all medical specialties particularly maternity care and preventive medicine.

Naturally, there were medical disciplines and parts of the community that were not directly covered by these programs. Consequently, the government encouraged private investment in the sector to ensure complete coverage with medical services. Dental care is a major area where private contribution plays a leading role.

It is within this context that our Center started and was committed to excellence. As long as our first and foremost concern is You, we have no choice but to be and stay ahead. We promise the highest standards of dental care, which will enable us to extend our service a step further to address Your health insurance packages. We are proud to be at Your service, and will be more proud to earn Your complete satisfaction and respect.

Finally, I personally look forward to welcome You at our Center.

Dr. Zana Qadir Omer ( CEO )